Sports Car Standard Safety Features

Essential Sports Car Standard Safety Features

Sports cars are capable of unleashing a lot of power at a moment’s notice so it is only normal that they also come with enhanced safety features in order to protect their drivers. Vehicle safety is not typically a paramount concern for people who choose to drive sports cars, but that does not mean that this is as aspect which is overlooked by automakers. More often than not, sports cars come with a heavy price tag so they are also fitted with the most advanced safety technology available.

  • Anti-lock braking systems. Commonly referred to as ABS, this is a feature which is now found in a lot of different types of vehicles, but it first made its appearance in sports cars and that is also where it remains the most relevant. If a car loses traction and starts skidding off the road, the on-board computer will detect this and assist with braking by reducing and then reapplying the braking power at crucial moments. Most commonly, cars lose traction at high speeds which is why ABS is such an important feature that comes standard with almost all sports cars.
  • Traction control. In an effort to prevent the ABS from ever being needed, traction control (TC) is a system which makes sure that maintains control of the car while the speed increases. This feature monitors each tire individually and makes sure that each one is turning at the same speed, thus reducing the changes of losing control, even on a slippery road.
  • Stability control. This is also a system that works mostly in conjunction with the first two. Its goal is also to maintain the control of a fast car on the road, but it does this by adjusting the suspension system. With stability control, the system will increase the resistance of the suspension when the car goes into a hard corner. This is vital for better handling, but also ensures that all four tires remain on the ground, thus providing the vehicle with significantly improved stability.
  • Airbags. If a collision or an accident should take place after the car loses control, the airbags will minimize injuries to the driver and passengers. Although airbags are not particular to sports cars and certainly not uncommon, newest improvements have led to the development of Dual-Stage airbags. These are designed to deploy at various speeds in order to offer the best levels of protection.