Sports Car Features

Sports Car Features that Set the Standard

A sports car is a relatively small car where the main qualities are high performance and superior handling. Since these kinds of vehicles are typically very expensive, it is common for them to also include many luxurious features, although not as many as an executive or premium automobile since sport vehicles also need to be as light as possible.

In terms of seating, sports cars are predominantly two-seaters. This is done in order to make them smaller and lighter and increase performance. However, there are examples of sports cars which have a second row of seats, but with very little room. In these cases, the back seats are intended mostly for children or for luggage as an adult would not be able to ride comfortable in the back. As a result, this configuration is advertised as 2+2 instead of 4 passengers, meaning two full seats and two "occasional" seats.

Traditional Layout of Sports Cars

More so than in any other type of automobile, the layout of a sports car is crucially important since it has a huge impact on handling and performance. Specifically, the main concern is with the drive train and the placement of the engine and there are several layouts common for sports cars.

  • FR layout. This type of layout features rear wheel drive and the engine at the front and it is quite common for sports cars from all eras. Even today when an FR layout is seldom seen on cars with commercial mass appeal it is still found on sports cars. An additional improvement to the standard FR layout is the FMR layout which has the same drive train and engine placement but the center of mass of the engine is located between the firewall and the front axle.
  • RMR layout. Another common configuration for sports cars, this layout is rear wheel drive and places the engine in the middle. It is regularly found in iconic sports car brand such as Lamborghini and Ferrari.
  • RR layout. This configuration uses rear wheel drive and the engine placed at the back. Even though it is rarely seen in sports cars, it is the preferred layout of Porsche, another noteworthy automaker that specializes in high performance sports cars.
  • FF layout. While this configuration with front wheel drive and engine at the front is common for small, sporty cars such as subcompacts and hot hatches, it is not commonly found in sports cars due to inferior handling. Even so, there are a few of them which use this particular layout.