Sedan Features

Most Iconic Sedan Features which Define the Style

A sedan is a car body style defined by having a three-box configuration, meaning that the vehicle is separated into three distinct areas for the engine, passengers and cargo. With two rows of seats and plenty of space in the trunk, the sedan is marked by practicality which is what makes it one of the most popular and most common body styles in the world.

It should be noted that the cargo area is located at the back with the exception of very few rear-engine sedans which have the trunk in the front. Visually, a sedan can be noticed by the protruding rear end as opposed to hatchbacks where the rear end is relatively flat, as well as the two rows of seats which distinguishes it from sports cars, although sedans do come in either a four- or two-door configuration.

Types of Sedans

Due to the popularity of the sedan body style, many variations exist on it and also several attempts to combine it with other configurations.

  • Sports sedan. Even though there is no strict definition for the sports sedan, it is looked at as being a sportier, high performance version of a regular sedan. It could also be considered as being a subgroup of the "sport luxury" class. Traditional features found in sports sedans include rear wheel drive, powerful engines, improved handling and suspension and manual or semi-automatic transmission.
  • Hardtop sedans. The main feature which defines a hardtop is the retractable roof which, at the same time, is rigid and made from solid material instead of canvas. However, another important thing to note about a hardtop is that it has no center pillar. Traditionally, a sedan will have A, B & C pillars to support the weight, but this is not possible on a hardtop sedan so the side pillars need additional reinforcement in order to provide adequate support should the car rollover.
  • Fastback sedan. The main feature of a fastback sedan is a design choice where the back has a continuous slope from the roof to the bumper. In this regard, a fastback sedan will look similarly to a hatchback, but is actually lacking the top-hinged rear door which is the defining feature of the hatchback.
  • Limousines. Most limousines are, in fact, large sedans. They are distinguished by having a separate area for the driver and passengers, as well as providing extra room for the passengers. Limousines usually come with luxury features such as entertainment systems and mini bars.