Washer and Dryer Features in Recreational Vehicles

Choosing a Washer and Dryer Combo for Your RV

A recreational vehicle that is equipped with a washer and dryer can save you hours of time spent at a self-service laundry along your route and is also more economical that paying for a laundry service every time you need clean clothes. Today, there are a wide selection of RV-ready washer and dryer combo units that you can purchase. Some newer model motorhomes offer you the benefit of having a washer and dryer set installed and ready for use.

Options Available

Washers and dryers are available in three different options for RVs. All in one units are designed to wash and dry your clothes in the same machine, which is ideal for smaller campers and motorhomes. Stacking combo units are also very popular. Front loading washers are both space and energy efficient and can be used as part of a more traditional, although smaller, side by side unit by adding a dryer designer for use in an RV. Both electric and gas powered options are available. Gas dryers are often more convenient because you probably already have a propane hookup available in your RV.

You may also be able to install a washer and dryer unit in your RV, provided you have a space available for the units. You will typically need a water hookup, a fifteen volt electrical hookup and a gas hookup if you are using a propane powered dryer. Opting for a professional installation is recommended if you are using gas or propane since the hookups will need to be secure to avoid potentially dangerous gas leaks. You should always use supplies that are specifically made for use in an RV if you are installing the units yourself.

Using a Washer and Dryer in an RV

If you are using your RV for long trips, you will want to know some basics about the features that keep your washer and dryer units running smoothly. For instance, you may want to know that the washer will drain into the grey water holding tank when you aren't hooked into a sewage system. You should keep track of how much washing water is going into your grey tank each day so that you can empty the tank as needed.

Some washer and dryer units only work when your RV is plugged into a power source, such as those you find in campgrounds for RVs. This may seem inconvenient initially, but washing clothes at a campground offers the benefits of allowing you to hook into the septic, water and electric hookups, ensuring your water usage doesn't affect your holding tanks. With the right washer and dryer units for your personal needs, you can have the convenience of clean clothes anywhere in the country without the hassle of spending your time at a self-service laundry.