Kitchen Features in Recreational Vehicles

The Kitchen Features Available in Recreational Vehicles

The kitchen features in your RV offer you a simple way to prepare meals when you are away from home. Finding the right appliances and features in an RV will ensure you can cook your favorite meals comfortably. Gas or electric powered refrigerators, propane cooktops and outdoor cooktops are all options that are available in RVs today. You will want to begin choosing a new, or used, RV by deciding which kitchen features are most important to you.

Cooktops and Ovens

Most motorhomes have a basic four burner cooktop and oven that run using propane. The propane bottle is typically located somewhere on the exterior of the RV. The oven will usually be much smaller than the one that you have at home, so you may want to check the size before packing cookware for your next trip. The stoves available in RVs can vary in size, however, depending on the RV that you have. Some newer models feature a full sized oven that is powered by a generator. This type of stove takes a little more planning because the generator is typically powered by fuel such as gasoline.

You may want to check your cooking fuel frequently while traveling, whether you are using a generator or propane. You may also need to fill your water tank if you aren't hooked into utilities at a campground. Most RV sinks work using an onboard water tank that is prefilled before you leave home, although most campgrounds today have water hookups that you can use while you are camping. The cost of water and electric is usually included in the cost of camping. Water and power consumption can vary depending on the make and model RV that you have. Newer model motorhomes are often more energy and water efficient than older models.

Outdoor Cooking and Special Features

Newer model RVs are often equipped with excellent kitchen features such as islands, lots of counter space and cabinets for storing food and cooking equipment. The amount of counter and cabinet space that you have depends on the size of your camper or RV, with larger models offering the benefit of more kitchen space. Even smaller models have the essentials that you need to cook a meal, however, so don't be caught thinking that you need the largest model available in order to eat healthy on the road.

Some RVs are equipped with special outdoor cooktops in addition to indoor stoves. These cooktops may fold out from the side of the RV and can be used when you are camping and want to avoid adding extra heat to the inside of your RV, or when you simply want to spend more time in nature. Outdoor cooktops aren't available on all RV models. If outdoor cooking tools are important to you, make sure that you talk to your dealership about which models offer this feature.