Entertainment Features in Recreational Vehicles

Entertainment Upgrades for RVs

An RV home is meant to feel just like the standard home, only on the road. RV passengers often miss the entertainment privileges that can be enjoyed while at home. Luckily, many aspects of the traditional entertainment system can be customized and installed for use in recreational vehicles.


LCD and LED television systems are available as specific RV sets. RV televisions are designed to withstand harder conditions that those in the home. While constantly on the road, these appliances are likely to be exposed to temperature changes, humidity, condensation and frequent vibrations.

They are set on mounts that achieve a full range of motion by swiveling, tilting and panning. The flat panel displays allow for increased space and versatility. RVs can be customized with TVs for every room or sitting area. When installed, they are positioned carefully so as to avoid accidents and head bumps. The units can also be used with DVD players or satellite service.

DVD Players

RV DVD players are usually considered as part of a complete entertainment system for those who do not own separate units to bring onto the vehicle. DVD players installed in RVs can also feature a combination sound system function for playing CDs and mp3s. Modern systems even allow integration for Blu-ray discs, and they can display jpeg photo and avi video files as well. The video players can be custom fit into wood paneling and they can also be mounted alone.

Satellite Service

Along with DVDs, TVs can be enhanced with satellite cable service. In-motion RV satellites are made to acquire a signal even when the vehicle is in motion. Multiple televisions can be hooked up to the service just as those in the home can. For the fastest service, in-motion satellite with digital video broadcasting signal acquisition is recommended. There is also digital video recorder service offered with satellites providing recording, rewinding and fast-forwarding to make the experience as similar to home as possible. Satellite Internet is available as well, offering streaming movies and television shows.

Sound Systems

Stereo systems are installed to accompany TV, radio, DVD and music players. The audio and video systems of most motor homes feature standard components that may include TV and AM/FM radio. Newer models offer DVD/CD players and iPod or USB connection for digital files. To fully enjoy each of these features, an optimal sound system is a must. Sound systems can be installed as wall mounts, under cabinets or in the dash.

The get the most out of the audio, quality speakers are needed. Speakers are available for entertainment outside the vehicle with waterproofing available as well.

The added entertainment appliances will result in increased power consumption, and may require a change in shore power connections depending on where the vehicle is plugged in. With the correct adapters depending on amperage, the RV can be hooked up nearly anywhere.