Recreational Vehicle Features

Recreational Vehicle Features that Set It Apart

Recreational vehicles, commonly referred to as RVs, distinguish themselves from all other kinds of vehicles by offering amenities commonly found in homes rather than cars. Even though RV is a broad term which can refer to many different types of vehicles, these are grouped into two major categories: vans and trailers. The vans are mainly distinguished by the fact that the living area is an integral component of the vehicle itself while trailers represent a separate living area which is towed by the vehicle which can be almost anything provided that it is powerful enough.

RVs can vary greatly in size and this will directly impact the number of amenities they provide. Regardless of this, almost all of them have some sort of kitchen or cooking area, a feature which is distinct to this vehicle class. They should also have an area where the driver or passengers can sleep and the premium RVs even come with their own bathrooms. Unsurprisingly, they are most often used by people on vacation, usually while camping.

Types of RVs

There really are a lot of differences between the major types of recreational vehicles. The biggest and most luxurious of them all are known as motorhomes which can also be divided into subclasses based on their sizes and amenities. They are very long and offer all of the standard features expected of an RV. While some of them use a truck chassis which is attached to a cab, the biggest ones are often conversions based on a commercial bus chassis. Not only that, but they can get even bigger when stationary thanks to the addition of slide-outs, a unique feature where certain areas located in the center of the RV slide out in order to increase the living space.

Trailers are also quite diverse in terms of size and shape. The smallest one is commonly referred to as a teardrop trailer due to its shape and it is light enough to be towed by motorcycles. The largest travel trailers for sale usually need a pickup or a medium duty truck as these are the only vehicles with sufficient towing capacity to carry them around.

Between motorhomes and trailers is another category which is the campervan. It is a regular van which has been fitted with a special coachbuilt body which is taller than that of a regular van and can be used for sleeping accommodations. A common feature for campervans is also to include a small kitchen area.