Motorcycle Theft Deterrent Features

Powerful Systems to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Modern motorcycles are equipped with a theft deterrent system. Depending on the manufacturer, a motorcycle’s theft deterrent system will have different features. As the name would imply, the goal of a theft deterrent system is to deter thieves from stealing a motorcycle.

The Disc-lock

When it comes to preventing motorcycle theft, a disc lock can be quite effective. A disc lock actually prevents a motorcycle’s wheel from turning, so it’s effective for preventing what are called ride-away thefts.

However, it’s not effective at stopping thieves who plan on throwing your stolen bike into the back of a pickup truck. Unfortunately, disk locks will not be able to deter professional thieves, but they're still effective deterrents.

Ignition Lock

Another effective feature that can deter theft is called an ignition lock. Although it’s quite simple to understand, it’s one of the best features to deter motorcycle theft.

To activate this system, all you need to do is turn the ignition to the lock position. On some motorcycles, it’s harder to activate the ignition lock than on others.

Basically, locking the ignition prevents the motorcycle from starting, and it also disables the motorcycle’s steering. When combined with other deterrents, locking the ignition can make it much harder for a thief to steal your motorcycle.

Passive Anti-theft Systems

Many motorcycle owners have installed a passive anti-theft system on their bikes. This system can employ a number of different features, which all help to deter motorcycle theft. A passive anti-theft system is designed to immobilize a motorcycle’s engine.

Basically, this system requires a special type of key. If the coded key is not used, then a thief cannot start a motorcycle that has a theft system installed. Factory-built theft prevention systems work well, so before purchasing a motorcycle, it’s a good idea for consumers to enquiry about the bike’s theft prevention system.

The theft prevention system that Harley installs on their bikes is very effective, and it’s a system that requires Harley owners carry around a special fob.

If this fob is not within 10 feet of the Harley motorcycle, then the bike won’t start. Many motorcycle manufacturers equip their bikes with a theft prevention system that uses onboard security and a special fob.

The Lo-jack Feature

A lot of motorcycles have a theft-prevention system that includes something called a lo-jack. A motorcycle that is protected with this feature can be remotely disabled.

After his or her bike is stolen, a bike owner can easily call and have their bike immobilized. Many lo-jack systems also employ a GPS component, which makes it possible to track a stolen bike. These features make it almost impossible for bike thieves to steal motorcycles and get away with it.

These are some of the main features that a good theft deterrent system will have. However, motorcycle owners are encouraged to experiment and purchase products that will make it even harder for thieves to get away with their motorcycles.