Motorcycle Storage Features

Creating Storage Options On Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles are beautiful machines to ride cross country or around town, but they tend to lack in storage space. While a car has a trunk or a hatchback, a motorcycle has a seat and an engine. In order to create more storage space on a motorcycle, there are some items that can be used to enhance the motorcycles utilitarian capabilities without slowing the bike down one bit.


Saddles are an excellent item to lay over the original seat on the bike. While many motorcycles simply have a seat and nothing around it, the saddle can be laid across the the seat and allow for storage space on either side of the seat. Because the rider's legs are facing forward, the saddle simply rests to the side and offers space for the rider to store items that typically must be left at home or carried on his or her back.

Seat Compartment

Adding a seat compartment is an excellent way to add storage space without adding anything on the exterior of the bike. A seat compartment is designed to raise the seat level higher and provide a space under the new seat for storage. While these spaces are smaller than something like a saddle, these compartments can offer the rider a chance to carry small items along with them on every ride.

Luggage Trunk

A luggage trunk is an addition that can either be hauled behind the bike or attached directly to the back of the bike. These storage compartments are especially useful for those who are travelling or moving over long distances.

The trunk is designed to hold small pieces of luggage or carry larger pieces in what is a trailer-like configuration. Depending on the size of the bike and the amount of luggage to be carried, a luggage trunk can be fitted to the bike for easy travel.

When looking for additional storage areas on a bike, trunks can be added to the back, a saddle can be slung over the seat, on an extra compartment under the seat can be fitted to ensure that the rider has enough space for all of their personal items.

Riding a motorcycle does not have to be a chore when the rider is able to carry everything they need to work, on vacation, or on a move across the country. Keep the motorcycle practical with some storage additions and enhancements today.