Motorcycle Seat Comfort Features

Aftermarket Saddles Can Remove the Pain of Riding

Motorcycle seats greatly enhance the comfort factor when it comes to all-day riding or even when riding for just a few hours. Many stock motorcycle saddles provide little support and deliver sharp blows straight to the tailbone and spine. When you go over a speed bump or small surface imperfection, the saddle should absorb the jolt. But many of the saddles provided by manufacturers have substandard foam inside and many times are just too thin and poorly shaped to be of any comfort when riding for more than a short run to the store or work.

The characteristics of a good motorcycle saddle are many. A good motorcycle seat will cup your hind end, provide back support and will absorb bumps and sharp jolts that come from riding on less than perfect roads, which are prolific in most states. The first characteristic of a good motorcycle seat is comfortable material made from high-density foam and maybe a gel pad in the seating area. The foam won’t break down over time or condense from the weight of the rider. Instead, the comfortable material will support the rider and absorb most shocks that a stock saddle otherwise would transfer to the rider’s tailbone and spine.

A good motorcycle seat also is constructed in such a way that is will cup and support the rider’s hind end. When a saddle has too much curvature, the rider essentially is sitting on his or her tailbone, which then creates pain after an hour or so in the saddle. The seat also should provide some measure of back support on some motorcycle models. While sport bikes and some cruisers have saddles that are too narrow and level, others have stepped passenger saddles with built-in back support. Some saddles also allow for removable backrests, which can prove highly beneficial on long rides. Even sport bikes and sport touring bikes can benefit from backrests that can be removed.

When it comes to passenger comfort, most stock saddles are terrible choices for rides lasting beyond a jaunt around town. Sport bike saddles in particular usually are horrible for passengers to be comfortable. A good passenger saddle is wide enough to support the entire hind end of the passenger. It also will raise passengers up so that their legs are not bent at extreme angles that lead to sore knees and legs. When good passenger seats are in place and accompanied by good backrests, passenger comfort greatly is increased so that they can enjoy the ride.

Many aftermarket motorcycle seats are available from many manufacturers that will improve the comfort and looks of the bikes for which they are designed. While some come with high price tags, many others are relatively affordable, but expect to spend $300 to $500 for a good saddle and more for higher end models. If you like to ride all day and do so often, the lack of pain will more than make up for the cost of buying a new seat.