Motorcycle Impact Notification Features

Impact Notification Features for Emergency Situations

Not long ago, vehicle security systems became available that could not only sound an alarm if a motorcycle were tampered with but also use global positioning system technology to notify law enforcement authorities and notify them about the whereabouts of a stolen bike. Now, similar technology is available to contact first-responders if a motorcyclist suffers a crash and is in need of emergency services.

Riding a motorcycle is a very rewarding experience for those who enjoy riding. The sense of freedom as well as feeling of a quickly accelerating motorcycle traveling down the road is very cathartic and exhilarating feeling. The sound of the engine and sometimes not-so-subtle vibration between the rider’s legs, leaning into a curve and throttling out of one all make motorcycling a much more engaging and thrilling experience than most four-wheeled vehicles could provide.

Unfortunately, the same freedom and exposure to the elements can make riding a much more dangerous endeavor. Single-track vehicles can suffer vehicular upsets much more readily than two-track vehicles. An oil slick, wet road surface, distracted drivers and animals are among just some of the many potential perils of which motorcyclists must remain wary. For those reasons and many more, new technology has been created that can detect when a motorcyclist has suffered a crash or other mishap and notify emergency services to maximize the potential for surviving a bad accident.

The new systems can work from cellular phones, on-board communications devices that contain GPS tracking technology and sensors that can detect an impact or other vehicular upset that causes a rider to go down. The owners can preselect phone numbers that will be called automatically, including the motorcyclists’ own cell phones or other phone numbers, to inform them of the incidents or to ensure the rider is conscious and not seriously injured or worse. Emergency contact numbers also can be included so that first responders can learn of the accident as soon as possible. The sooner emergency services can be notified and any necessary medical help administered, the greater the likelihood the motorcyclist will survive a crash while also minimizing any potential injuries or possible head trauma.

While wearing good motorcycle helmets greatly increases the odds of survival, head injuries remain one of the most serious medical conditions. Treated soon enough, a head injury can be contained so that there is less likelihood of a coma or possible death occurring. Likewise, a back injury could be treated and possible paralysis averted if caught in time and the correct steps are taken to help prevent further injury.

The impact notification systems are one of the newest and best ways for motorcyclists to improve their safety when riding on their favorite motorcycles – especially when riding alone. The further from home a solo rider ventures, the greater the risk he or she takes on if involved in an accident. But the impact notification systems can keep them relatively secure and will notify emergency personnel and primary contacts the moment something goes wrong.