Motorcycle Features

Motorcycle Features that Stand Out

A motorcycle, often referred to as a motorbike or simply a bike, is a multipurpose two-wheeled vehicle which represents a very popular, accessible and affordable mode of transportation for most of the world. Bikes are clearly distinguishable from other types of vehicles due to their size and shape and they can be used for a variety of different purposes: scooters and mopeds are useful for high-density urban traffic, traditional motorcycles are often used for cruising or long distance travel, sports bikes are used for racing, dirt bikes for off-roading etc.

The Design of a Motorcycle

Even though there are many different design choices and elements that separate the various groups of motorcycles, most of them adhere to a standard construction pattern. They typically feature a frame made out of steel or aluminum with one wheel at the back and one at the front supported by telescopic forks. The rider sits in the middle of the motorcycle with the engine and fuel tank located under him.

The component which is most varied is also the one that defines many of the subgroups of motorcycles – the engine. Two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engines are the most common, but a few models with rotary Wankel engines have also been used in the past. Two-stroke engines are also starting to lose favor due to increase regulations regarding emissions. They are still mostly used to power smaller motorcycles such as scooters and mopeds.

The capacity of motorcycle engines can differ wildly since these can have anywhere from one to six cylinders. Single cylinder engines are quite common and these alone have models with a capacity range from 50 cc to 660 cc. Two-cylinder engines which can be arranged inline or transverse are also common and range between 175 cc to 1,800 cc.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are preferred in many areas of the world over cars due to their affordability since they are much cheaper. In addition to this, the average motorcycle also gets better fuel mileage than the average car.

There are also some obvious drawbacks with motorcycles regarding certain features which are included in a commercial car. One such flaw would be the lack of room for passengers or cargo. A motorcycle is designed to be ridden by one person, even though it is possible for another person to sit in the back. More room can be provided by adding another unique feature of the motorcycle, the sidecar, which can work to provide room either for a passenger or for cargo.