Minivan Storage Capacity

How Minivans Offer Maximum Convenience and Versatility

Ever since its introduction in the early 1980s, the minivan has carved out quite a niche for itself as a vehicle that can do it all. The most obvious advantage of the minivan is the passenger capacity. Most minivans today can seat six or seven people quite comfortably while simultaneously carrying a large amount of cargo.

Fuel economy is another major selling point. The minivans of today are built on the frame of a car instead of a truck. This results in a design that delivers the best of both worlds: the storage space and passenger capacity of a traditional van, but with the fuel economy and safety ratings of a sedan.

In recent years, automotive engineers have used considerable creativity in how they incorporate storage space into the design of the vehicle. The design of some minivan seats allows unused seats to be folded down and recessed into the floor of the van, giving the entire vehicle a vast flat storage space in which a multitude of things could be stored. Some models offer even more covered storage areas in the floor in front of the fold down seats. This is the perfect place to store items such as first aid kits and other emergency supplies. In addition, all of these compartments can be accessed from inside of the vehicle.

On the outside, there are even more storage options. Minivans typically come equipped with gear racks on the roof, which could be used to tether down excess baggage, equipment, or even small boats. Trailer hitches are another popular feature on minivans. These allow a trailer to be pulled behind the vehicle for even more storage space. It is entirely possible for a minivan to carry the driver, five passengers, several suitcases, camping gear, plus a couple of jet skis on the trailer.

These innovations have made minivans an ideal option for a wide variety of lifestyles. The ability to chauffeur up to five children around with a full load of groceries in back make them very popular family vehicles. Sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the ability to haul skis, sporting equipment, or hunting gear with ease. If the minivan has fold down seats, one could even unroll a sleeping bag in the back. Many service professionals find minivans useful as well. Plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners, lawn care specialists, and other professionals appreciate the ability to easily haul large pieces of equipment to their customers' homes. No other vehicle offers the passenger capacity, storage space, and fuel economy of the minivan.