Minivan Seating Capacity

Minivans Are Proven to Be Spacious Vehicles

The minivan has been underestimated and thought "uncool" for far too long but with the latest approaches to seating capacity, it's in high demand among people with all sorts of needs. The minivan has been gaining popularity, is becoming quite attractive and better driving experiences are just some of the improvements comparable to minivans 10 years ago. Minivans are the ultimate choice in providing a spacious and comfortable driving experience with a minimum of 6 passengers to a maximum of 8 passengers. They have the wide bodies with the tall roof-lines and various seating configurations available which can be adjusted to fit your needs. Depending on what make and model minivan you are considering, there are a couple options you can choose when it comes to seating configurations.

Captain chairs or bucket seats are popular to increase comfort in the 6 and 7 passenger minivan experience. Highly recommendable to provide easy access to the third row seat. Because of ever-improving designs, this type of seating often includes the sliding ability (to slide a seat to another position in the minivan) or to take the seat out and either remove it, place in another position or latest technology allows for it to be slid/placed into the floor to maximize cargo room.

Bench seating is a popular option to maximize seating capacity. Even if you don't need to haul around a brood of passengers, the 6 passenger minivan still provides you with the comfort of second row captain chairs and a spacious third row bench seat. A bench seat that can be folded down and with second row seats folded down, it can increase cargo space up to 150 cubic feet in most minivans. Gone are the days of the solid third row seating. Third row bench seating now comes split with either a ratio of 60/40 or 50/50 which makes a huge difference when you may need that little bit of extra cargo space.

When you do have a brood to transport, every seat counts and the 8 passenger minivan is not only efficient, it's practical and considers leg room space for the comfort of all passengers no matter what row they are seated. Most minivans have a legroom space of anywhere between 40 inches and 42 inches. The 8 passenger minivan comes with bench seating for the second and third row. Newer models with the the latest approaches to seating may even have 3 captain chairs in the second row with the bench seat in the third row.

Many reviews by experts, manufacturers, users of minivans and SUV's, say that minivans are becoming the leading vehicle for increased space for legroom, passengers and cargo space. Minivans are not to be underestimated anymore.