Seat Warmers and Massagers in Luxury Vehicles

Warm Seats and Massaged Drivers Set Luxury Vehicles Apart

Massgers in luxury vehicles set these automobiles apart from other types of cars, trucks and SUVs. Being able to have the back massaged while driving or have the seat warm you in the winter are both amenities that make the driver and passengers in the vehicle feel especially pampered, even on the longest road trips. Those who spend a lot of time in their cars should consider the benefits of seat warmers and massagers when choosing their next vehicle.

Types of Heated Seats

Luxury vehicles may offer heated or climate-controlled seats as a part of an extended options package or with the standard vehicle options. Climate-controlled seats will warm the seat in the winter or cool it in the summer at the push of a button, but heated seats will only warm the seat. Both of these have advantages depending on where the vehicle will be driven. Drivers living in climates with hot summers and cold winters will be better off with climate-controlled seats, but for those with mild summers, heated seats are fine. There are even kits after market kits available to convert a standard seat into a heated seat or one with a massager. These vary in their effectiveness, cost and installation. To avoid having to choose and put one of these into a car seat, getting the heated seats when buying the vehicle is the best option.

Seat Warmer Controls

Seat warmer controls let the person in that seat change the amount of heat coming from the seat at the push of a button. These controls may be installed on the car's dashboard, the middle console between the driver and passenger or use a remote switch. Passengers may also have their own controls for their seat warmers. Seat massagers often have a separate control to allow for the person in the seat to change the speed of the vibration of the massaging seat. Like seat warmer controls, massager controls may be installed on the dashboard, center console or use a separate remote that is connected by a wire to the seat.

Massagers in Luxury Vehicles

Massagers in luxury vehicles will offer lumbar and back support while massaging the area to soothe aches and pains. These types of seats are best to prevent back fatigue caused by poor back support while sitting up during long drives. In some luxury vehicles, massagers may be installed in both the driver's and front passenger's seats.

Getting a new car that will keep the driver comfortable for a long ride might mean that the car buyer will look into luxury vehicles that have seat warmers and massagers installed in the driver's seat. These features will make the ride seem less painful for the driver, who can feel rested when he or she arrives at the destination.