Luxury Vehicle Seat Fabrics

Common Seat Fabrics Used In Luxury Vehicles

A number of different fabrics are used for the seats in luxury vehicles, but every material has its pros and cons. Today’s luxury vehicles commonly used a combination of materials.

However, leather and micro-suede are two popular materials, and many luxury vehicles have seats that are covered with these materials.


Another name for this material is microfiber, and it’s a polyester fabric that is man-made. Polyester is a material that can be created out of synthetic and natural products. Microfiber is easier to clean.

For many applications, microfiber works much better than similar materials. When compared with suede, microfiber is an excellent alternative. Many luxury vehicles have seats covered with microfiber because it’s resistant to stains, durable and pliable.


This is a popular material, and many luxury vehicles have seats that are covered with this material. Another name for this material is animal skin. However, this material is actually animal skin that has been tanned. Cattle hide is the most-common type of animal skin that is tanned.

It’s important to understand that this material has many sub-types. Full-grain animal skin is used for most luxury vehicles. However, this material is often referred to as premium fabric. This material is the full hide of an animal that has been tanned without any layers being removed.

The main reason why this material is commonly used in luxury vehicles is because it’s just like natural skin. Like natural skin, it has pores, so unlike plastic and similar materials, it provides efficient ventilation, which is especially important during summer.

Out of all of the materials that humans know of, tanned animal skin is the only one that can adjust to individual body temperatures. All of these unique characteristics make animal skin the material of choice for luxury vehicles.

Another reason why this material is so popular is because it’s resistant to dirt, dust and other debris, which cannot penetrate the material. Fabric upholstery, which is used in most regular vehicles, is not resistant to dirt, dust and other debris. This material greatly increases a car’s value.

Fabrics and Heated Seats

Many different luxury vehicles come equipped with heated seats. The two main materials that are used with heated seats are animal skin and cloth. Although many consumers prefer heated seats that use cloth, many vehicle manufacturers still use animal skin to cover the seats in their luxury vehicles.

Cloth is preferred because it heats up much faster than animal skin, but due to its long list of favorable characteristics, tanned animal skin is stilled used in luxury vehicles. Some luxury vehicles have seats that are covered with other materials, but tanned animal skin and microfiber are the most common.