Luxury Vehicle Interior Space

New Changes in Luxury Car Interior Space

The interior space of luxury vehicles today provide both roominess and comfort. Consumers have lost interest in amenities such as multiple-cup holders and LED lighting, so manufacturers have put more focus on adding additional leg room, head room and shoulder space. Luxury cars in the past were quite spacious, but most of the space was located in the rear of the car (since many of these cars were used to chauffeur passengers). The average consumer can now afford to purchase a luxury car, so the space has shifted to accommodate the driver and passengers. Here are a few additional modifications that you can expect in today's luxury car.

Climate Controlled Seating

Many new luxury cars contain a feature called climate-controlled seating. Climate controlled seating uses infrared sensors to measure a passenger's body temperature. If their temperature is too hot, the thermostat will adjust to cool them down. Since many of these cars have separately controlled thermostats, it makes it possible for the front passengers and rear passengers to both enjoy a comfortable temperature during the drive.

First-Class Leg Room

Another interior treat that modern-day luxury drivers enjoy is additional leg room. Many luxury car manufacturers have extended the front leg space from under 40 inches to more than 44 inches. This makes a lot of difference to comfort during both long hauls and short drives. One added feature that many of the newer luxury cars have is the first-class leg option. Backseat passengers can enjoy motor controlled foot rests for the ultimate comfort. Many of these foot rests also come with a massage option, which is well-received.

Executive Class Seating

Surprisingly, top luxury car manufacturers put very little focus on luxury seating, aside from the material the seat was made from. Nowadays, luxury ottoman seats allow passengers to recline at an angle and horizontally. The new S-Class Mercedes Executive Rear Seat Package, allows the passenger to recline an angle of 43 degrees. This is one of the top Exec seating packages in a luxury car this year.

Hot-Stone Massage Seats

For a pretty penny, you can have your own personal hot stone massage while being chauffeured around in your luxury car. The Mercedes S-class provides a warm deep-tissue massage option in their loaded package. Unlike a typical massage seat, this seat heat up, and is then followed by the sensation of stones moving up and down your back. Other luxury car manufacturers also provide this option as an added extra.

Heated Armrest

This is something that most car designers overlooked in the past. While your body could remain warm from switching on the heat or sitting in heated seats, the passenger's elbow would take the full brunt of the cold from the armrest. Newer luxury cars have heated armrests that work to warm even the coldest elbow in as little as 8 seconds.

The great thing about the above interior luxuries ,is that they aren't just tied to high-end luxury cars such as Maybach, Tesla or Lexus. The 2013 Hyundai Equus contains many of these amenities for around $68,000. Over the next few years, you can expect to see more affordable luxury cars containing these amenities.