Luxury Vehicle Entertainment System

Combining Entertainment Technology and Luxury Transportation

Luxury vehicle owners have come to expect that their cars are on the cutting edge of most technologies. From responsive handling and safety features, to the latest materials and styling, vehicle manufacturers often lead off a new trend by putting the most coveted features into their high-end cars. Electronics are no exception. Technology is shifting so quickly that each year's model can have incredible new electronic options, particularly in the entertainment field. Here are a few of the possibilities:


Just like your smart phone has become a place for not only chatting but music, gaming, movie watching, email and calendar planning, a car's central computer system can have the same versatility. With touch screen and voice capabilities, you can switch your central screen from backup camera to lane sensor, car statistics to entertainment system. You can program your entire music library into the phone, and choose from options with voice command. Some of the more sophisticated systems allow your kids to be watching their own screens in the back, with either different speaker zones or headphones, and to choose from a connected device's digital library to watch movies or listen to their own preferred tunes. Meanwhile, your navigator can be using your carputer to work the navigational software, or email your relatives and let them know you'll be late for dinner due to traffic.

Surround Sound

Recorded music is only as good as the speakers that produce it, and car manufacturers understand this. There are a number of theater-quality surround sound systems available to make your listening experience something that an audiophile would be proud to hear. From noise-cancelling interiors to hear the purity of your sound to speaker placement in all the right areas (like in the seats themselves!) for driver, passenger, and backseat listeners, luxury car listening has become something that rivals the sounds of a well-designed home theater. For sports cars that also include large engines, the ability to adjust music volume with RPM is a standard that most large-engined cars have adopted as well.

Video Players

Though the driver can't sit back and watch a good movie on a long road trip (yet), the passengers now have this option. Many cars have several built-in video screens so that passengers can each have their own personal viewing experience. When this is connected with a database of uploaded videos, it becomes as useful and versatile as a DVR at home.

More to Come

The digital age is continuing to rapidly evolve. This means that the next few decades will create even more possibilities in entertainment at the fingertips of everyone in a luxury car. Though we may not know what these entail, it's certain to be exciting.