Luxury Headlight Features

Why Luxury Headlight Features Are Worth The Money

Modern luxury vehicles are equipped with powerful headlights. Aside from providing excellent illumination, they’re much more versatile than standard headlights.

Almost all innovative headlights have started on luxury vehicles, and later, were adopted for standard production vehicles. The majority of standard vehicles use halogen headlights and bulbs. However, luxury vehicles use projector headlights.

A Look at Projection Headlights

Although they do have complicated scientific names, it’s easier to call them projector headlights. Most sport and high-end luxury vehicles have these headlights because they offer several advantages over halogen headlights.

Some styles of projector headlights are available as aftermarket products, but many of these products lack the quality and efficiency that comes with factory-made projector headlights.

The Bulbs

Classic headlights are made with a dual-beam design. One bulb is used for a low beam while the other is used for a high beam. A significant difference between the classic design and projector design is the fact that a projector setup uses one bulb for each headlight.

The type of bulb that projector headlights use is also significantly different than classic halogen bulbs. Projector headlights use HID Xenon bulbs. However, not all projector headlights use HID Xenon bulbs. Some vehicles are equipped with projector headlights that use LED and halogen bulbs.

The Reflectors

Projector headlights have a single bulb, and in front of the bulb, there is an elliptical-shaped reflector component. Classic headlights use parabolic-shaped reflectors. Since projector headlights use reflectors that are shaped elliptically, all light from the bulbs meets at a single focal point.

At the focal point, the light meets with the shutter. In a projector headlight, there is a shutter, which is near the bottom of the headlight. The shutter blocks a portion of the light beam, so the light shines at a downward angle, which points towards the road surface.

Put simply, the shutter prevents light from shining uncontrollably towards oncoming drivers. In a projector headlight, the shutter controls the light beam, so the lens isn’t nearly as important as it would be with classic headlights. Many projector headlights use nothing more than an objective lens.

Adaptive Headlights

Many luxury vehicles have adaptive headlights. Adaptive is the term that is used to describe moving headlights. Adaptive headlights are able to direct their light beams where the light is needed.

Unlike traditional headlights, adaptive headlights can shine light based on elevation, speed and steering. As a vehicle moves around a curve, standard headlights send more illumination to the side of the road while adaptive headlights illuminate the portion of road that is most important.

As a vehicle turns right, adaptive headlights direct light slightly to the right, and when a vehicle turns left, adaptive headlights shine slightly to the left and use a brighter headlight bulb.

The Benefits

Although they cost more money, projector headlights are worth the additional cost. Some of the benefits include accurate light dispersal, lens-based lighting, better style accommodation and increased light output.

The end result is better road surface illumination. People who’re planning on purchasing a luxury vehicle probably won’t notice the additional $300 to $500 they’re being charged for projector headlights.