Luxury Automotive Features

Essential Luxury Automotive Features for a High-End Vehicle

The term "luxury vehicle" is not an official classification, but rather a way at looking at certain vehicles which offer many luxurious features which increase comfort, performance and practicality in exchange for an increase in price. As a result of this, the term can be applied to all kinds of vehicle types – sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, station wagons, minivans etc. Many automakers have at least one vehicle which would fall into the "luxury car" category in order to appeal to a certain demographic which is willing to spend a lot of money on a vehicle that comes with a lot of extras. In fact, certain brands such as Rolls Royce specialize in luxury vehicles and their automobiles also bestow a certain amount of prestige onto their drivers.

What to Expect from a Luxury Car

It is hard to define exactly what features can be found in a luxury vehicle, but these cars are often made with the best materials available and include the latest technology. In terms of performance, these automobiles are oftentimes very powerful and have a big engine under the hood but, compared to sports cars which have a similar price range, luxury cars tend to put the emphasis on comfort and safety rather than high-end performance. Cars which aim to provide the best of both worlds fall into a subclass known as sport luxury.

The design features on a luxury car are very important as is the attention to detail. Leather upholstery is one common feature which is found on almost all luxury cars, as are dashboards that have a vintage "woodgrain look". Other modern features found on these kinds of automobiles include satellite radio, adaptive cruise control, intelligent remote entry, heated steering wheels, massaging seats etc.

It should be noted that luxury vehicles represent the best opportunity for automakers to introduce new innovations and technologies to the public. Those features which are successful will then eventually make their way to commercial vehicles with mass appeal. Pertinent examples of features which started out on luxury vehicles but now are found everywhere include anti-lock braking systems, multiple airbags, DVD entertainment systems and electronic stability control.

In terms of layout, most luxury automobiles feature a rear-wheel drive system with longitudinal engines, commonly referred to as an FR layout. This kind of layout increases the production costs on the cars, but also allows for better handling and a more comfortable ride and that is why it is present in luxury vehicles.