Hatchback Interior Volume Capacity

The Quality of Space Matters as Much as the Quantity

There are quite a few economical and roomy hatchbacks and wagons on showroom floors today. Most of them list excellent gas mileage as well as storage capacity, but don't let the numbers fool you. A hatchback that includes 30 cubic feet of storage space is not necessarily the same as a wagon that offers the same amount. The shape of the storage area, length of the vehicle and accessibility all contribute to how easy it will be to cram as much as you can in the back.

Consider Your Needs

The Scion xB is a boxy and compact vehicle that provides a storage space that is tall and cubic. It may be ideal for hauling groceries and getting into tight parking spaces, but it may be impossible to transport large or bulky items. The Suburu Outback is a big and efficient car, but the seats need to be repositioned or removed in order to make good use of its storage area. It is important to think of how you will be using your station wagon or hatchback before settling for one model over another.

Looks Are Not Everything

The Volkswagen is sporty, sleek and stylish, but only a small amount of storage space is available unless the seats are folded down. The Prius is advertised as spacious and roomy, but you will need to make some creative adjustments in order to tap into its 32 feet of storage capacity.

Only you can decide how a car will suit your needs while also reflecting your style at the same time. It is easy to fall in love with a car based on how it looks, but it must serve a practical purpose as well. Make sure that you have your eye on quality as much as quantity in order to avoid years of frustration and inconvenience.

Things to Consider When Comparison Shopping

It is important to thoroughly explore the storage area when looking at your next hatchback or station wagon. The hatch should provide enough clearance so you can avoid banging your head when loading and unloading items. The seats should be easy to slide, fold and remove. Examine the storage area and determine if it provides adequate height or depth.

Performance, fuel efficiency and comfort are all important factors to consider when shopping for a new car. Remember that a station wagon can be just as efficient and powerful as a smaller hatchback, but it may also have less storage space. The good news is there are many models to choose from this year. It will not be difficult to find the right balance between practicality, style and comfort based on your needs and preferences.