Washing and Waxing a Vehicle

An Easy Guide to Washing and Waxing a Vehicle

Getting a car washed and waxed is not a necessary service, but it is one which will bring out its shine and make it look as good as it did the day it rolled out of the factory. When this is done on a regular basis, it can actually help preserve the original paint finish of the vehicle for longer. However, this is only the case as long as the proper washing and waxing products are used.

When the vehicle is taken to a car wash, they will know to use the right kind of products in order to clean the car without causing any damage to the paintjob. These have been specially designed to work on vehicles and they can remove the dirt and dust and give the automobiles a high-gloss shine without harming the top clear coat layer which is present on almost all vehicles built from the early 90s to the present.

Washing and Waxing a Vehicle

When a driver is looking to wash his car himself, it is important to avoid using common household cleaning products, even soap. Although they might be effective at cleaning the car, they are not designed to work on vehicles and they will strip off the wax and potentially damage the finish of the car. For DIY cleaning jobs, here are a few simple rules that should be followed.

  • Keep the car in the shade. It is best to keep the car out of direct sunlight through the entire washing process. This will decrease the chances of the water leaving spots on the finish after it evaporates. Most modern car waxes are design to be sun-friendly, but, even so, it is still possible to create these unseemly spots if the water used to wash the car contains a lot of minerals.
  • Use microfiber towels. In most cases, cotton towels are adequate enough for wiping and drying but, for cars, microfiber towels are the best. They are softer and will not scratch or otherwise damage the paint finish.
  • Follow this procedure: wash, clean, polish, wax. Those are the four steps which will ensure that, by the end of the process, the car ends up looking clean with a shiny finish. Each step requires using various cleaning products and the instructions on the labels should always be followed closely in order to avoid causing any kind of damage to the original paintjob.