Vehicle Electronics Maintenance

Vehicle Electronics Maintenance that Every Car Will Need

Modern cars have a lot of electric and electronic components so it stands to reason that many fixes and repairs required will be electrical in nature. It is possible for drivers to deal with these repairs themselves, although it is usually not advised unless they have experience troubleshooting electrical problems and they also know how to fix cars. If this is not the case, it is advised to simply take the vehicle to an auto repair shop which employs licensed electricians. Even so, there are a few basic repairs which most cars will need at one point or another and these are simple enough to be performed by inexperienced repairmen.

Replacing a Blown Fuse

If, at any point, a light goes out on the car for no reason, it is most likely due to one of two problems: either the bulb itself has gone out or a fuse has blown. If multiple lights go out at the same time (for example both brake lights), chances are very high that it is a blown fuse.

First thing to do in this scenario is to know what kind of replacement fuses to get. Based on the period the car was made in, it can have one of three basic fuse types – older cars will have fuses in the shape of a tube which are either made from ceramic or glass while newer ones have blade style fuses which go into the fusebox as if they would in a wall plug.

In order to find out what kind of fuses you have, you need to locate the fusebox which will be in one of two places, although certain cars have a fusebox in each location. One of them is located under the dashboard, near the knee of the driver. It will most likely have some sort of protective casing, but it can be found easily enough. The other one will be under the hood, again pretty easy to spot. Now it is just a matter of getting the right fuses and changing out the blown ones which should be a simple task.

Changing a Relay

If the turn signals don't work, it's either a problem with the bulbs or with the turn signal relays. If you do need to change a relay, this is a very simple task. It will be located in the relay cluster and its exact position should be marked or mentioned in the vehicle manual. After this it is just a matter of taking out the old relay and putting in a new one.