Vehicle Body Repair

Vehicle Body Repair that Can Be Done at Home

Doing body work on a car is something which is best left to the professionals as only car repair shops have the necessary experience, skills and equipment to perform such repairs. However, basic and simple tasks such as dealing with minor dings or scratches is something that can be accomplished by drivers, on their own, given some free time without the need of going to an auto body shop.

Dents are a common issue for most cars, especially in the doors as the result of tight parking spaces and inattentive people getting out of their cars. However, small dents can be taken care of without the need for professional help. It is occasionally possible to simply pop them out safely from the other side, although this is a rare occurrence. Most of the time it will be necessary to fill in the dent and then paint over it.

Vehicle Body Repair

Using body filler to take care of a dent is not hard work, but it does require experience to get it done properly. That is why most DIY repairmen will have to go over the damaged area again and again until the dent is not noticeable anymore. Alternatively, there are also suction cup dent pullers available which will also work on certain dents, but not all of them.

After the dent is filled in, it will be necessary to paint over it using the exact same color as the original color of the vehicle. In order to do this, first you must determine exactly the color of your automobile and this is done by finding the color code either in the manual of the vehicle or on a sticker that should be located somewhere on the car (usually under the hood or in the door sill). You can take this color code and take it to a paint shop and get the paint that matches the color of your vehicle.

Having extra paint around can prove useful as it can be used to deal with scratches, as well. If a scratch is superficial and does not go through the first layer of paint, then a few simple touchups with the paint is all that is required. Sometimes it is even possible to just polish out the scratch. However, if the scratch goes deeper than that, it will be necessary to first use paint, then sand the area smooth using sandpaper and finally give it a wax polish.