Detailing a Vehicle

What Is Involved in Detailing a Vehicle

Auto detailing is a thorough cleaning process where a car can significantly improve its appearance by reaching show-quality level looks. Besides the fact that this makes a car look as good as the day it rolled out of the assembly line, this will also increase its resale value so this is a very beneficial service for people looking to sell their cars. The most important characteristic of auto detailing is attention to detail. This process involves a lot of steps and goes far beyond simply cleaning the car as it is also waxed and polished. Basically, auto detailing can be broken down into three key components: interior detailing, exterior detailing and engine detailing.

Interior Detailing

This step involves a thorough cleaning of the entire interior of the vehicle, trunk included. Extra attention is paid to the dashboard, windows and seats. Vacuuming all of the dirt and dust inside of the car is a service included with all detailing jobs and any nonporous surfaces can also be polished. If the upholstery has any stains, these can be removed using steam cleaning or liquid cleaners. The most thorough detailing jobs will completely remove the seats out of the car in order to provide a better clean.

Exterior Detailing

This is the most visible aspect of the job so it is the one which gets the most attention. All of the exterior components of the car such as the windows, chrome pieces, paintjob, wheels and tires are cleaned and, where possible, waxed and polished. The materials and the techniques used for this job will differ from service to service, but they will normally include detergents, waxes, polishes, degreasers and clay bars. Minor imperfections such as small scratches or swirls can also be removed during this process by using special polishing pads made out of wool or microfiber.

Engine Detailing

This step is not always included with all detailing services. It is mainly reserved for cars which are being prepped for a show. However, when it is done, it relies on using steam, water and other cleaners in order to clean under the hood of the vehicle. This step needs a lot of attention and focus in order to avoid damaging the engine area with any of the chemicals or liquids and this is why not all detailers offer this service. The biggest issue here is protecting the electronics from getting wet or otherwise damaged.