Buying Used Vehicles from a Dealership

How to Get a Bargain when Buying Used Vehicles from a Dealership

Buying used cars instead of new ones is a very good way of saving money, but there are additional risks involved since there is no guarantee that the car is in good condition. The biggest fear of second-hand car buyers is getting a vehicle which runs good during the test drive but breaks down a week later after they bought it (something which is commonly referred to as a lemon).

Some of these concerns cam be dealt with if you buy used cars from a dealership. The discount will not be as significant as when buying directly from the owner, but you are more secure in the knowledge that you are getting a roadworthy vehicle. For starters, the vehicle history should be much more detailed and accurate. The current state of the car, the number of previous owners, any accidents or mechanical problems it suffered from in the past is information that should be covered by its title history. However, many drivers may not be aware that they can actually request a separate title history from various companies that offer this service in exchange for a fee. All that is required in this case is the vehicle identification number or the VIN.

Buying Used Vehicles from a Dealership

The service record is another useful tool which will help you determine whether the car is in good shape or not. All vehicles require regular maintenance work such as changing the engine oil, transmission fluid, filters etc. Doing this at the recommended intervals will keep an automobile running smoothly and all work of this nature is logged into a car's service record. If the record mentions all of these checks done at the recommended intervals, this is a sign that the previous owner took good care of the vehicle.

When you are looking to buy a used car from a dealership, you find yourself in a rare position of power compared to the dealer. Most of these cars have been accepted as trade-ins from previous customers and most dealers are eager to get rid of them as quickly as possible before they start developing mechanical problems. That is why you can talk him down to a serious discount, especially if you know the true value of the vehicle. In this case, Kelley Blue Book can be an invaluable source of information, but there are plenty of other online places which will detail the value of a particular vehicle, both new and used.