Intelligent Headlight Technology

The Development of Intelligent Headlight Technology

Intelligent headlight technology is a new innovation which seeks to illuminate the road ahead of the car without the danger of glaring oncoming vehicles or other people on the road. This new innovation has been developed by BMW and, so far, has made its way into certain models from the company's current lineup and is looking to become more accessible in the future.

This new technology works together with another feature, the High-Beam Assistant, in order to increase visibility on the road and to make it safer to drive during nighttime and bad weather conditions.

How Intelligent Headlight Technology Works

These lights work using sensors in order to adjust their angles left and right so that they actually follow the curvature of the road instead of facing straight ahead. The sensors are capable of picking up on the speed, the steering angle and the yaw of the vehicle, making the necessary adjustments and turning into the bend using small electric motors.

To improve their efficiency, these headlights come with throw control and range control. Throw control means that the headlights will also tilt upwards at higher speeds and downwards at lower speeds. This is meant to improve visibility while driving in the city, all the while making sure that the lights do not blind incoming drivers. At the same time, range control accounts for the vertical curve of the road. In other words, the beams are raised when the car is dipping and they are automatically lowered when the car is passing over a knoll. This allows the intelligent headlights system to illuminate the road ahead at all times.

The system has several restrictions in place in order to ensure that the headlights are not activated unnecessarily. For example, the active headlights only turn on when the vehicle begins pulling away. It remains inactive while the car is in reverse or is stationary. Even when it does pull away, the headlights stay off if the car was previously stationary and it began turning to the left as this would indicate a vehicle pulling out of a parking space.

The last component of the intelligent headlight system is cornering lights. These will automatically activate at speeds of up to 50 mph and their goal is to illuminate the immediate vicinity of the car. This will prove useful while taking hairpin bends and even while parking.