DIY Car Kit Installation

How to Perform DIY Car Kit Installation

A car kit can completely alter the style and look of a car and turn it into something original and it is also a job which can be done by an amateur given a good amount of time and the right tools. However, it is hard to estimate the difficulty of such a task since it will vary based on the extent of the modifications being made – you could simply install air vents in the hood or change the side mirrors with chrome ones or install a full body kit. Obviously, the latter would be a lot harder and more time consuming, but most DIY car kit installations follow the same general steps.

  • Check compatibility. If you are not buying a kit which is specifically designed for your car's make and model, you will want to check compatibility first in order to be sure that the modifications you want to install will actually go with your car. This can be done online or by calling the manufacturer.
  • Get the new parts painted. Again, if the parts you are going to install are specifically made for your vehicle type and your car has a factory paintjob, chances are you can find them in the exact color to match your automobile. If not, however, they will need to be painted.
  • Clean the car's surface. The surface area where the new components will be installed should be cleaned thoroughly beforehand. If it is wet, you also need to allow it to dry before mounting the new parts.
  • Mount the new components. You will need to use various tools to install the mods depending on what parts you have, but none of them are out of the ordinary or rare. Make sure to create a perfect fit and align the new parts properly when installing, even if this means grinding or sanding the new components.
  • Double check. Once the kit is installed, go around the car and take another look to make sure that every nut and bolt is secured in place. After this you should go for a test drive to ensure that there are no rattles or awkward noises.

These are the general steps that you need to take in order to install a car kit. They are not necessarily hard, but not everyone has the skill or the patience to do them so sometimes it is better to leave it to the professionals.